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(Crushed.) [Sep. 11th, 2005|07:12 pm]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |Radiohead - Airbag]

My life was going well until 6:24 on Saturday evening.

I was on my way to Destiny's Child. (I won tickets. Don't look at me like that.)

I knew Tyra Banks was supposed to open for the last Destiny's Child concert. That crazy mama-lovin', rib-eatin', forehead-barin' ex-super model, future pseudo-Oprah entity was going to be at GM Place, and I was going to be screaming my head off, avenging my super-role model, Janice Dickinson.

And then Claudia called.

There was to be no Tyra. Furthermore,there was to be no Amerie. There was to be no Mario. I was not trippin'.

Instead, we got Keisha Chante.

My world crumbled. Crumbled! CRUMBLED!

But then two drunk women got into a fist fight in our section. It was pretty exciting. And the show was as lavish as you would expect a Destiny's Child show to be.

But I will remember this Tyra. I will rue the day.

(In other less exciting news - I started work at Parks and Rec again today, doing one of these large-scale family festivals. My face-painting skills have not improved. I think there is a kid wandering around with a large black blob on his face, telling people that it's a cat. No, no kid. It's a big, black blob. And I apologize. My hand slipped.)

[User Picture]From: rice_chex
2005-09-12 08:55 am (UTC)
i'm sorry i burst your bubble, my dear, but it was better that i tell you beforehand. didn't want any embarassing outbursts at gm place in front of that klassy crowd, did we?
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[User Picture]From: top_bananas
2005-09-13 12:03 am (UTC)
Otherwise it would have been me throwing punches.

I still think it's funny that we saw everybody you knew going to the concert - what are the odds?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: top_bananas
2005-09-13 12:06 am (UTC)
Hillarious! Now that, I could do.
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